Movie(s) time!



Today I’ve watched two movies which were influenced by an other movie I’ve watched yesterday evening at the cinema.                                                                                                                 centralintelligencesmall

Central Intelligence, starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. I love these two!

I’ll start off saying that I’m no movie expert, and everything you will read in this blog is just my personal opinion.

I chose to see this movie because I knew that I would LAUGH, and I’m so happy I did because it didn’t let me down, in fact I couldn’t STOP LAUGHING.

Dwayne is hilarious, because they dressed him so ridiculously I was in tears; and you know they say girls/women change when they are around old friends and they just start acting like they were in high school again?  Ladies and Gentleman: Dwayne Johnson as Bob Stone!

If you’ve seen the movie, I hope you know what I’m talking about but in case you just don’t know or remember…SPOILER ALERT!

Robert Weirdicht a.k.a. Bob stone (D. Johnson) is a CIA Agent, which is so hard to believe when you see him with “his pal” The Golden Jet a.k.a. Calvin Joyner (K. Hart) as he acts like he is his BFF when Calvin remembers him only as the unlucky kid in school.

Needless to say Kevin Hart was FUN, he always is and I enjoyed the funny cut scenes they added at the ending of the movie.

As I’m currently watching / finishing The Secret Life of the American Teenager I was surprised to see Megan Park (Grace Bowman in TSLOTAT) , as a waitress AND a young Molly Ringwald showing up on tv as Samantha Baker in Sixteen Candles, which is Bob’s favorite movie and while I was watching the movie I didn’t have a clue of what he was talking about.

So I got home and Googled “16 candles” since I’ve never heard about the movie before, then I saw that The Breakfast Club is correlated to it because of the same genre and protagonist actress, Molly Ringwald, and obviously I’ve heard about that movie but never watched it before.


Well, after googling Sixteen Candles I’ve watched it and I think this is the mother of the Teen Movies, although I’m already used to that kind of plot, I enjoyed it and since it was from the 80’s I think that if I were a teenager back then it would have been one of my favorite movies, yeah I’m like Bob LOL.

After watching Sixteen Candles I was very curious to see this legendary Breakfast Club that every TV Show mentions at least once or twice (I have proof The Breakfast Club references).

This movie is 1 hour and 30 something minutes long, it was the longest 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life!

The plot is really slow and the first 30 minutes of the movie is just them in this library getting bored and getting ME bored even more!

But I said to myself: ok, it’s an 80’s movie, just give it a try and finish it so you won’t be one of those people who has never seen these classics.

The movie was boring -sorry- but it gets better when they finally sit in circle and talk about being different from each other but every single one is stressing about something in their life, etc. you already know anyway how these kind of movie ends.

I’m glad I did watched it until the end because I realized how much I did miss in my life. What I mean with that and “Big Mistake”is:

I missed all these references to this movie and I wish I did see it when I was younger so I could understand Lizzie McGuire‘s episode or How I Met Your Mother quotes and costumes dedicated to it.

I admit, it would have been more fun if I knew!

So if you have never seen The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles be sure to do so or like me you’ll miss all the jokes and quotes roaming around movies and TV shows.

Sorry if this post was really long but everything was connected to something and I had to write it down 😛

Hope you enjoyed and I hope I haven’t bored you as the movie bored me, but as I said, it was worth it!

SO, enjoy your day or have a good night!

Michelle *leaves with dramatic song * (see what I did there? LOL)


Ariana Grande Lipsy Collection

Hello everyone,

first of all I never thought I’d be doing a review on clothes, not because I’m not into fashion – growing up in Italy, it’s almost impossible not to be – but I don’t know why, it never came into my mind.

Well, enough with the chit chat and let’s talk about Ariana Grande’s collection for Lipsy:04_ariana-grande-lipsy.png

I didn’t know Ariana did this collection and to be completely honest with you I didn’t even knew about this brand called Lipsy in the first place so when I entered this multi-branded shop I walked in to these oh-so-cute dresses I wanted to try them ALL.

And I was looking through them and I told myself:

“Wow these are so my style, I need to try them! On top of that, they are not even that expensive”

So while I was picking the model and the size I liked I realized there was Ariana Grande’s face in the tag, and I thought:

“Oh! She made a collection with this English brand, doesn’t surprise me why I like it so much now! I need one.”

Ok, let me explain. I really like Ariana Grande she’s so cute and her voice is amazing and I think she’s a lovely person as well, so as a Fan I’d like to have something with her name on it. I know it’s marketing and it may sound stupid and maybe even childish to some of you but I’ve always felt that way with artist that I liked aside from buying their CDs – which I don’t always do, oops-.

For example: I have Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Beyonce perfumes and I rarely use them, not just because I like to have them as a collection but also because I rarely wear perfume on me because it makes me sneeze expecially when I smell someone else’s perfume and for that reason alone I tend to avoid putting it on myself and worsen the situaton.

So yeah, maybe one day I’ll  show you my Celebrity collection of perfume and accessories I have but today is not the day 😛

Sorry I’ll get to the point now. I tried on 3 different dresses that I liked and took a picture with it. I must say I was unfortunately ovewhelmed by the result, and I’ll tell you pic by pic.

This is the first dress I tried: Rose Print Layered Skater Dress


As you can see my body is not as thin as Ariana’s but as soon as I saw the dress I thought:

“Oh, great! I’ll have room for my breasts!”

Uhm, when I saw myself in the mirror I just didn’t like it on me and as you can see in the picture I noticed that it doesn’t have the same material throughout the dress.

The upper side is an elastic polyester fabric while from the waist down it’s a chiffon fabric and that’s why I believe the colour changes. Since I thought I was wearing a two pieces dress, I set it aside.

Second dress: Cami Prom Dress2016-05-29-15.47.34.jpg.jpeg

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it and thought about the same thing for my problematic “over-sized” breasts.

In the picture you can’t see it but unfortunately I had too much space for them but if I picked a smaller size I would’t have been able to close the zipper, so I had to put this dress aside as well.

The dress was really well made and I loved the soft and silky touch of it and I loved the lace decoration.

Third dress: Daisy Lace Playsuit2016-05-29-15.48.48.jpg.jpeg

I love lace and I love playsuites, this was a perfect cobination , unfortunately it wasn’t for me. As always my breasts are too big and it doesn’t look nice with a keyhole neckline and the playsuit was too long for me -I am 1,64 metres tall- and that is why the crotch is so baggy and loose, not perfect like Ariana’s.

Such a pitty because I was really looking forward to this since it was the last one I picked from Ariana’s collection.

Last but bot least I’m going to show you the dresses seen from the back:2016-05-29-15.52.53.jpg.jpeg

I couldn’t manage to close the Rose dress by myself, so I’m not really sure if it actually closed.

Cami Prom dress was just normal, nothing special there but at least I could close the zipper even though it was large on the front sides anyway.

The playsuit had a nice opening at the back, but as I told you it was too long for me and like the crotch it looked baggy, not very nice!

Oh, ehm, by the way don’t look at my makeup free face, because I wasn’t expecting to take pictures of myself that day ’cause I went to the cinema and when I go there I don’t wear make up. Then again, I usually don’t wear make up often, only when I go out for dinner, you know, to make it special ;P

Well, I hope you liked my review on these 3 dresses which I chose because I liked them for myself even though there were other outfits to choose but those were too sexy for me LOL I’ll leave you the links if you’re curious about the rest of the collection: or .

Thank you for reading and shop carefully!



Finish what you started Michelle!

I am that kind of girl who has a lot of interests and hobbies, and I find this unfortunate SOMETIMES.

Unfortunate because I fix my mind into those interests or hobbies for a period of time where I really can’t think of doing anything else and there comes the trouble. I am caught so deep into it that when I finally decide to have a little break it ruins my plans, schedules and my break becomes an ending.

Thinking about it makes me so sad because when I am into these projects I am so excited about them and suddenly I just stop the project and put it aside, why do I do this to myself? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

So yesterday my unfinished DIY project was staring at me saying “Hey there, did you forget about me? You know, I’m here waiting for you to finish me”. 😩

finish what you s....jpg

I won’t talk about this project of mine because I want you to see it as a surprise and as a proof that I got my mind into finishing something for -maybe- the first time, because with Japanese it didn’t work so far, it was one of my projects since 2009 (or earlier) and I started to study it twice and I gave up twice because I didn’t have time! 😤 pfff sucks! I’m gonna try again anyway, I’m not giving up on you Nihongo!!!

Plus, while I was writing this post I was on Facebook -yes! Multitasking- and I saw this video which inspired me even more to finish my project, which is nothing as beautiful as this video below but it will be kawaii  -See, I did learn something after all 😜-.

Well, thank you for reading and don’t be like me,





Click here for – The “almost” perfect song!


Easter baking


Welcome to my baking world!
I started my passion for baking 3 years ago and since then every festive days I would do something special and
themy (if that’s a word).

This easter I didn’t want to do the classic chick, egg or bunny thingy so I thought about gardening because of the “easter Egg hunt” and this is what I came up with :


My family really liked the idea and the cupcakes, of course.
Apart from the cupcakes I spent my easter with my family watching a finished tv series that I never ended, which is “Chuck” ♡ I LOVE it ♡
And in the meantime I was working on a figure made of clay, but that is a story that I’ll write about further on.
Around evening time we went to the movies and saw The Divergent series: Allegiant and if you have read the book like me, you would know the frustration about all these differences.

Anyways I hope you had a lovely easter, spent it with the people you love the most, as every festive day should be, in my opinion 🙂
Good night beautiful people,
Michelle 😘


let’s talk about this picture I found on Facebook:


THIS picture, as true as it can be, disturbs me.

I DID actually “flagged” my profile picture for the tragic event in November in Paris, and I did it too for the LGBT rights;

Today I’ve done it once more for the attacks that happened in Bruxelles, today I had one more reason to do so: I’m half Belgian.

That being so I felt more involved, I haven’t been living in Belgium since I was 4 years old and from then I’ve been living in Italy until a year and a half ago when I moved in the UK;

BUT Belgium is still BELGIUM, it’s still part of me even though I probably can’t be called a PROPER Belgian, half of my family lives there and YES I DO CARE!

As I cared about the tragic event back in November in Paris, and to be completely honest with you I DID cry quite a lot those days thinking:

What happened to this world, was it EVER cured from cruelty?
What happened to HUMANITY, is it still left?

Last thing I would like to say about the picture above is:

Yes, I know that to some people UNFORTUNATELY use/used it as a trend on Facebook


Yes, I know it is NOT FAIR to the other countries who are suffering as well, such as Syria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the unstoppable hunger in Africa and South Asia but to me it doesn’t mean I am unaware of them, it doesn’t mean I do not care, because I do, I always have and always will DO.

That is why it disturbed me, such ideas should never occur, and you know what? I think Facebook should do a Planet Earth Flag profile picture (this idea just popped in my head like crazy) so no one can ever think about discriminating countries!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST here is a song that I’ve always cried for because of its truthful words:

Thank you for reading,


The Crystal Tree experiment

So, yesterday I went out to buy some English Tea for a girl I will be meeting in Italy from Japan AND I walked in Tiger – if you don’t know what it is, it’s a shop with all kind of stuff in it.
I saw this amazing thing: a tree made of paper and iwhen you’ve dropped just some water, crystal leaves would grow out of it. I was amazed by the idea and I bought it, so here is a pic of its evolution:


Wonderful right? 😍

I went to the movies :)




As you read from the title, I went to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 3.
20151217_201224.jpg  20151217_201239.jpg

I’ve been a fan since the first movie in 2008, so hilarious, even though this one is not as funny as the others, but I think it’s because while waiting for this one I’ve seen other animations funnier than this one.

To be really honest with you I really think that nowadays animations are more for grownups than children, don’t get me wrong they are for children of course, but adults can actually understand the true meaning behind these wonderful cartoons.

I started to write this post with a purpose to do Who Am I 2.0 or as a normal human being would say: a follow up to my older post “Who Am I?”

Now you may be wondering, what does Kung Fu Panda 3 have to do with all of this?

Well, little SPOILER ALERT ahead.

In the movie, Po (the Panda) is faced to go in battle with Spirit Warrior a.k.a. Kai and to defeat him Po has to master his Chi, which is this energy that comes withinside you and in order to do that you need to learn Who you are. So off he goes with his biological father and learn how to be a REAL Panda.

At the end of the movie he does master his Chi of course, but not the way he thought he would be. So yeah, it made me think that one day I would discover more things about Who I am, things I never knew or things I am no more just through experience and through time I guess.

If ever you are lost and don’t know what you are doing with your life, hang on and that lightbulb.jpeglight bulb will appear into your mind! Don’t be like me, don’t worry too much 😉

Take care,