I went to the movies :)




As you read from the title, I went to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 3.
20151217_201224.jpg  20151217_201239.jpg

I’ve been a fan since the first movie in 2008, so hilarious, even though this one is not as funny as the others, but I think it’s because while waiting for this one I’ve seen other animations funnier than this one.

To be really honest with you I really think that nowadays animations are more for grownups than children, don’t get me wrong they are for children of course, but adults can actually understand the true meaning behind these wonderful cartoons.

I started to write this post with a purpose to do Who Am I 2.0 or as a normal human being would say: a follow up to my older post “Who Am I?”

Now you may be wondering, what does Kung Fu Panda 3 have to do with all of this?

Well, little SPOILER ALERT ahead.

In the movie, Po (the Panda) is faced to go in battle with Spirit Warrior a.k.a. Kai and to defeat him Po has to master his Chi, which is this energy that comes withinside you and in order to do that you need to learn Who you are. So off he goes with his biological father and learn how to be a REAL Panda.

At the end of the movie he does master his Chi of course, but not the way he thought he would be. So yeah, it made me think that one day I would discover more things about Who I am, things I never knew or things I am no more just through experience and through time I guess.

If ever you are lost and don’t know what you are doing with your life, hang on and that lightbulb.jpeglight bulb will appear into your mind! Don’t be like me, don’t worry too much 😉

Take care,




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