let’s talk about this picture I found on Facebook:


THIS picture, as true as it can be, disturbs me.

I DID actually “flagged” my profile picture for the tragic event in November in Paris, and I did it too for the LGBT rights;

Today I’ve done it once more for the attacks that happened in Bruxelles, today I had one more reason to do so: I’m half Belgian.

That being so I felt more involved, I haven’t been living in Belgium since I was 4 years old and from then I’ve been living in Italy until a year and a half ago when I moved in the UK;

BUT Belgium is still BELGIUM, it’s still part of me even though I probably can’t be called a PROPER Belgian, half of my family lives there and YES I DO CARE!

As I cared about the tragic event back in November in Paris, and to be completely honest with you I DID cry quite a lot those days thinking:

What happened to this world, was it EVER cured from cruelty?
What happened to HUMANITY, is it still left?

Last thing I would like to say about the picture above is:

Yes, I know that to some people UNFORTUNATELY use/used it as a trend on Facebook


Yes, I know it is NOT FAIR to the other countries who are suffering as well, such as Syria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the unstoppable hunger in Africa and South Asia but to me it doesn’t mean I am unaware of them, it doesn’t mean I do not care, because I do, I always have and always will DO.

That is why it disturbed me, such ideas should never occur, and you know what? I think Facebook should do a Planet Earth Flag profile picture (this idea just popped in my head like crazy) so no one can ever think about discriminating countries!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST here is a song that I’ve always cried for because of its truthful words:

Thank you for reading,



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