Finish what you started Michelle!

I am that kind of girl who has a lot of interests and hobbies, and I find this unfortunate SOMETIMES.

Unfortunate because I fix my mind into those interests or hobbies for a period of time where I really can’t think of doing anything else and there comes the trouble. I am caught so deep into it that when I finally decide to have a little break it ruins my plans, schedules and my break becomes an ending.

Thinking about it makes me so sad because when I am into these projects I am so excited about them and suddenly I just stop the project and put it aside, why do I do this to myself? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

So yesterday my unfinished DIY project was staring at me saying “Hey there, did you forget about me? You know, I’m here waiting for you to finish me”. 😩

finish what you s....jpg

I won’t talk about this project of mine because I want you to see it as a surprise and as a proof that I got my mind into finishing something for -maybe- the first time, because with Japanese it didn’t work so far, it was one of my projects since 2009 (or earlier) and I started to study it twice and I gave up twice because I didn’t have time! 😤 pfff sucks! I’m gonna try again anyway, I’m not giving up on you Nihongo!!!

Plus, while I was writing this post I was on Facebook -yes! Multitasking- and I saw this video which inspired me even more to finish my project, which is nothing as beautiful as this video below but it will be kawaii  -See, I did learn something after all 😜-.

Well, thank you for reading and don’t be like me,





Click here for – The “almost” perfect song!



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