Ariana Grande Lipsy Collection

Hello everyone,

first of all I never thought I’d be doing a review on clothes, not because I’m not into fashion – growing up in Italy, it’s almost impossible not to be – but I don’t know why, it never came into my mind.

Well, enough with the chit chat and let’s talk about Ariana Grande’s collection for Lipsy:04_ariana-grande-lipsy.png

I didn’t know Ariana did this collection and to be completely honest with you I didn’t even knew about this brand called Lipsy in the first place so when I entered this multi-branded shop I walked in to these oh-so-cute dresses I wanted to try them ALL.

And I was looking through them and I told myself:

“Wow these are so my style, I need to try them! On top of that, they are not even that expensive”

So while I was picking the model and the size I liked I realized there was Ariana Grande’s face in the tag, and I thought:

“Oh! She made a collection with this English brand, doesn’t surprise me why I like it so much now! I need one.”

Ok, let me explain. I really like Ariana Grande she’s so cute and her voice is amazing and I think she’s a lovely person as well, so as a Fan I’d like to have something with her name on it. I know it’s marketing and it may sound stupid and maybe even childish to some of you but I’ve always felt that way with artist that I liked aside from buying their CDs – which I don’t always do, oops-.

For example: I have Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Beyonce perfumes and I rarely use them, not just because I like to have them as a collection but also because I rarely wear perfume on me because it makes me sneeze expecially when I smell someone else’s perfume and for that reason alone I tend to avoid putting it on myself and worsen the situaton.

So yeah, maybe one day I’ll  show you my Celebrity collection of perfume and accessories I have but today is not the day 😛

Sorry I’ll get to the point now. I tried on 3 different dresses that I liked and took a picture with it. I must say I was unfortunately ovewhelmed by the result, and I’ll tell you pic by pic.

This is the first dress I tried: Rose Print Layered Skater Dress


As you can see my body is not as thin as Ariana’s but as soon as I saw the dress I thought:

“Oh, great! I’ll have room for my breasts!”

Uhm, when I saw myself in the mirror I just didn’t like it on me and as you can see in the picture I noticed that it doesn’t have the same material throughout the dress.

The upper side is an elastic polyester fabric while from the waist down it’s a chiffon fabric and that’s why I believe the colour changes. Since I thought I was wearing a two pieces dress, I set it aside.

Second dress: Cami Prom Dress2016-05-29-15.47.34.jpg.jpeg

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it and thought about the same thing for my problematic “over-sized” breasts.

In the picture you can’t see it but unfortunately I had too much space for them but if I picked a smaller size I would’t have been able to close the zipper, so I had to put this dress aside as well.

The dress was really well made and I loved the soft and silky touch of it and I loved the lace decoration.

Third dress: Daisy Lace Playsuit2016-05-29-15.48.48.jpg.jpeg

I love lace and I love playsuites, this was a perfect cobination , unfortunately it wasn’t for me. As always my breasts are too big and it doesn’t look nice with a keyhole neckline and the playsuit was too long for me -I am 1,64 metres tall- and that is why the crotch is so baggy and loose, not perfect like Ariana’s.

Such a pitty because I was really looking forward to this since it was the last one I picked from Ariana’s collection.

Last but bot least I’m going to show you the dresses seen from the back:2016-05-29-15.52.53.jpg.jpeg

I couldn’t manage to close the Rose dress by myself, so I’m not really sure if it actually closed.

Cami Prom dress was just normal, nothing special there but at least I could close the zipper even though it was large on the front sides anyway.

The playsuit had a nice opening at the back, but as I told you it was too long for me and like the crotch it looked baggy, not very nice!

Oh, ehm, by the way don’t look at my makeup free face, because I wasn’t expecting to take pictures of myself that day ’cause I went to the cinema and when I go there I don’t wear make up. Then again, I usually don’t wear make up often, only when I go out for dinner, you know, to make it special ;P

Well, I hope you liked my review on these 3 dresses which I chose because I liked them for myself even though there were other outfits to choose but those were too sexy for me LOL I’ll leave you the links if you’re curious about the rest of the collection: or .

Thank you for reading and shop carefully!




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